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The Malibu Collection

$47.95 $63.95

The limited-edition Malibu Collection is the world's best beach accessory! It is the first and only high-quality microfiber ripstop polyester beach blanket backpack made for durable outdoor use. Large enough for 3 adults with weighted corners to hold it down, it is sand-resistant, water-resistant and heat-resistant! Plus, it has a secret zipper pocket for storing your valuable items. BeachSheetz beach blankets backpack stays cool under the hot sun and packs up into a drawstring backpack in less than 10 seconds for easy transport with extra space for towels, sunscreen, and more. Your kids and pets will love it too. We include ground and sand stakes with every order. Grab your all-in-one BeachSheetz before it's too late for fun in the sun!

Dimensions: 7 x 7 ft

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