Beachsheetz launched a successful Kickstarter campaign raising $150,000 in July 2017. These products are one of a kind and now available to everyone!

Everyone Needs Beachsheetz

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Different Beach Locations

Years in Business


It started in the summer of 2013. We’re all beach guys. We live in Southern California and we love the outdoors. Whether it’s the beach, camping or hiking, or just hanging out with friends, it’s what we do… we chill, outside.
One day we went to Hermosa Beach and my wife brought with us a king sized fitted sheet for all of us to hang out on. We put our shoes and bags in the corners to hold it down from the wind.
After a short while, we said to ourselves why don’t we just buy a “beach” “sheet”?
When we did the research online, we found there were very few options for good beach sheets. The few that did exist had many issues. They weren’t water resistant, they didn’t have weighted corners (many of them required you to carry around steaks to hold them down… yea right), and none of them came with a cool backpack or any kind of way to transport it conveniently.
So we said to each other… let’s just make it.


Words from our customers

“All I can say is WOW. What an awesome product! I have been looking for a cool oversized beach towel or blanket and there are so few innovative products like this online. My friend told me about Beachsheetz so I gave it a shot and this thing is amazing!! It’s super durable and high-quality, the weighted corners are awesome cause it doesn’t move around, and the bright colors are soooo cool! You never lose your spot on the beach (which I admit, I’ve done a few times)! 5-Stars for BeachSheetz, GREAT job guys!”

Jennifer R.

Atlanta, GA

“BeachSheetz are the real deal. I purchased one originally on Amazon, then I found them again on Kickstarter and bought 2 more for friends. It’s so much better than having to bring 3 or 4 beach towels for everyone to lay on at the beach. We also have used it many times for things like outdoor concerts and we take it to the park almost every weekend for our kids. LOVE this product!”

Jackson W.

San Francisco, CA

“We invented BeachSheetz for a few reasons, but primarily because we love the beach, we love the outdoors, and we love spending time with good company, and we wanted to improve that experience. There was nothing out there that provided a great, durable, large sheet or blanket to lay out on (at a beach, in a park, while camping, etc.) and also had a material that was soft yet strong, and had features like being water and sand repellant, and heat-resistant as well. So we decided to make it. It took us years and tens of thousands of dollars to perfect the product, but we were able to add some really cool features that it made it extremely unique. There is nothing on the market like BeachSheetz. It really is the world’s best outdoor and beach accessory, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.”

Austin & Dave