The founding of Beachsheetz


We’re all beach guys. We live in Southern California and we love the outdoors. Whether it’s the beach, camping or hiking, or just hanging out with friends, it’s what we do… we chill, outside. 

A Bedsheet?

One day we went to Hermosa Beach and my wife brought with us a king sized fitted sheet for all of us to hang out on. We put our shoes and bags in the corners to hold it down from the wind. 
After a short while, we said to ourselves why don’t we just buy a “beach” “sheet”?


When we did the research online, we found there were very few options for good beach sheets. The few that did exist had many issues. They weren’t water resistant, they didn’t have weighted corners (or any way to hold them down if it was windy), and none of them came with a cool backpack or any kind of way to transport it conveniently. 
So we said to each other… let’s just make it.
Flash forward to today, and after years of perfecting our design and materials, we have created the world’s best outdoor and beach accessory, BeachSheetz.

Perfecting the Product

A 7ft x 7ft rip-stop sheet that is sand-resistant, heat-resistant, and water-resistant. The corners have weighted bean bags that hold it down on a windy day. And it comes with an attached drawstring backpack for easy transport and storage. We even included a secret hideaway pocket for valuables like your phone, keys, and wallet. 

After thousands of dollars and countless hours perfecting our product, we decided to launch it on Kickstarter. Within 30 days, we raised over $150,000 and are now able to offer multiple color combo options. 

Moving Forward

Our goal is simple. We want more people to get outside and enjoy life. Fresh air and sunshine are some of nature’s greatest gifts. So we’re just doing our part to make everyone’s life outdoors just a little bit more enjoyable. 
We’re also passionate about the environment and animals, so we decided to donate a portion of all profits to charities that help save marine wildlife. 
Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy our products. Keep living that #BeachLife
Austin Wright, David Shoham, and the entire BeachSheetz Team