Would You Buy Me If I Was Called A Fall Blanket?

Don’t get it confused, our outdoor blanket, BeachSheetz doesn’t just serve our customers at the beach! This is the ultimate blanket for any of your outdoor adventures. So, the question is would you buy BeachSheetz if it were called FallSheetz?

A mother is laying out on the BeachSheetz Outdoor Blanket with her son in her arms

Why do you need BeachSheetz this Fall 

For starters, the intention of BeachSheetz is to be used at all times of the year. We can’t tell you the number of times BeachSheetz has come in handy in our household! 

Whether you are spending the day at the park, taking up a fitness routine outdoors, going camping, or organizing fun fall activities with your kids, BeachSheetz can be an advantageous part of your experience! 

The purpose of BeachSheetz was to bring a more practical outdoor blanket to the market. There are several advantages and key features that set this outdoor blanket apart from the rest. Let’s take a look in-depth on the design and functionality of BeachSheetz! 


Sand-proof, water-proof, and heat-proof. Not only will your blanket resist the sticky, unwanted beach sand or dark, forest dirt, but it also will remain dry and clean with a water-resistant capability. The fibers within the fabric seep right off, so it’s extremely easy to dry off, clean up, and pack up after a day’s use! The blend of materials in our beachsheetz fabric is made up of properties that prevent natural aggressors from bothering you on your outdoor adventures. You probably spend just as much time outside in the fall as you do the summer… hint, hint (another reason why you need this blanket this fall).

Mother and son at a campground, playing on the beachsheetz blanket that is serving as a tarp


The winds pick up in the cooler months. With BeachSheetz, this won’t be a problem. Beachsheetz has four weighted corners that evenly distribute the blanket, so you don’t have to worry about it ever catching wind. Four ground stakes come included with every purchase, as well! 

Did you know that the beach blanket also serves as a backpack? Yep, attached is a drawstring backpack that easily packs itself. You just pull the blanket out, and the backpack becomes a useful pocket to store away your valuables while in use! This backpack blanket can go anywhere you want it to go, and there’s extra room to store your other exploration-day essentials. Lastly, this is a seven-by-seven-foot extra-large blanket. You can easily fit the whole family on this thing! 

We hope you see the value that BeachSheetz can bring to you and your family this fall. To learn more about BeachSheetz, browse the collection!