Why Right Now is the Best Time to Buy BeachSheetz

BLACK FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT: BeachSheetz will never be marked down this much ever again. This month is the best time to buy your very own and here’s why.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Starting Next Friday, 11/22

Why not get the party started a little early? We are launching our Black Friday deals a week in advance! I guess we’re just really soaking up the season-of-giving vibe! On November 22, all of our inventory will be insanely marked down. Like to the point where it’s kinda foolish on our part but we want to end the year with a BANG and give our THANKS to a successful year full of expansion, happiness, and outdoor fun! 


We have plenty of inventory when it comes to our sheetz and that’s why we are marking down heavily so we can get these outdoor blankets in the hands of as many people as possible. 

BeachSheetz backpack being worn by a young man overlooking the beach

Farewell, Original BeachSheetz Design

This is the last time you’ll have the opportunity to shop the OG design of BeachSheetz. We have big plans for 2020 but still will always cherish where it all started. To show our gratitude, we are marking this bad boy wayyyy down!

Ah, don’t you wish you knew how much you could get it for before everyone else? 

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