Why Everyone Needs BeachSheetz, The Outdoor Blanket!

We may be newbies to the market, but our products are the solution to the outdoor problems you’ve been dealing with for years. Just about everyone can admit that using a standard beach towel is insufficient and irritating. After all, who actually enjoys getting extremely sandy while at the beach? Okay, maybe children do… but, people all over are looking for a revelation, and we’re proud to say, we’ve got a pretty solid solution.

Introducing The Outdoor Blanket That Everyone Needs: BeachSheetz

So, if you haven’t heard of BeachSheetz yet, here’s the rundown of who we are, what we created, and why it’s super beneficial to anyone and everyone.

Waterproof Blanket
Who We Are

We are just a couple of close friends that saw a need fulfilled in the outdoor goods and accessories industry. Being California residents, we spend a lot of quality time on the beach and in the community parks. We would always bring a big king-sized bed sheet to lay out for all of us to share!

One day at the beach, we were putting the sheet down, per usual, all of us helping to make sure it doesn’t blow five different ways and get knotted as we’re trying to get it in the sand. Then, we each grab the nearest shoe or purse to plop on the four edges of the sheet so it’s secured in place.

Then it dawned on us. Why isn’t there a more efficient alternative blanket/towel for outdoors other than this? After some research, we discovered that beach blankets clearly exist, but there’s nothing really out there that solves the outdoor problems that we all tend to experience from time to time. That’s when we decided enough is enough. BeachSheetz was going to be the new outdoor blanket solution - for the beach, for the park, for anywhere!

With dedication, revision, and lots of time and money, we launched our idea on Kickstarter in May of 2017. Within 30 days, we raised over $150,000 and built our brand as the world’s first durable beach blanket product.

What We Created

If our BeachSheetz were just like all the rest on the market, we would have just called them “sheets.” But nope, our sheets are original and bring endless value to customers all over. Covering 7 x 7 feet, our sheets are the world’s first-designed with high-quality ripstop polyester material. Not to mention, our sheets are attached and packed to a drawstring backpack for convenience and easy transport.  

Why it’s super beneficial to Anyone and Everyone

Durable & Refreshing

With the extra durable, ripstop polyester material, our backpack blankets are practically indestructible. Not to mention, they are sand-resistant, water-resistant, and heat-resistant! Dry-time is light-year fast and you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day long. How refreshing when you’ve been beachin’ it all day long?

Compact & Capable

Backpack beach/camp blanket

BeachSheetz are up for any outdoor adventure with our drawstring backpack attachment feature. All waterproof blankets come packed in a lightweight, drawstring backpack that’s easy to throw over your shoulder. We left extra room on purpose so you can carry your sunscreen, water bottle, favorite book, you name it, all in one bag!

 Backpack Blanket

Not only does it take less than 10 seconds to pack your camp blanket back up, but there’s a secret zipper pocket for storing all your valuable items, (that can also be used when the sheets are laid out and it keeps your belongings safe from strangers and from the elements like the sun).

 Sand Proof Blanket

Stable & Spacious
What truly separates our water-resistant blanket from the rest is our weighted beanbag corners. This feature allows you to stay grounded your entire day in the sun, even on the windiest days. If for some reason you need a little extra weight, each order comes with ground and sand stakes to ensure full stability during all your outdoor experiences. Lastly, the whole family can fit comfortably on these spacious sheetz! Each ripstop blanket is 7 ft x 7 ft, which is large enough to fit three, average-sized adults.

Grab yours today!
We know you’ll fall in love with the all-in-one, ultimate outdoor blanket: BeachSheetz! View our color options here and get to shopping!

 Sandless Blanket

We’re passionate about our environment and our wildlife. For every order we receive of our heat resistant blankets, a portion of our profits are donated to charities that help save our marine wildlife! Help us Save The Sea Turtles, one sheet at a time!