What patented features separate Beachsheetz from other outdoor blankets?

That’s always the question, right? Whether you realize it or not, humans naturally look for the products with the most features or capabilities when deciding what to purchase. It can be as serious as buying a brand-new car or something as frivolous as picking out which dollar special at McDonald's gets you the most bang for your buck. We all naturally want to end up with the best products, services, and munchies out there!

So, you really think we didn’t keep that in mind when we created the Beachsheetz outdoor blanket? OF COURSE, we did! We wanted to create a product so good that there was no hesitation that it’s the one you’d pick out of the bunch!

What patented features separate Beachsheetz from other outdoor blankets?

We’re glad you asked. For starters, we realized that there were very common problems with all our competitors, and we wanted to create a beach blanket that resolved all of them. So, here’s what we came up with, and let’s just say, we, and our customers, are damn-proud of it!

Water seeping right off the beach blanket Beachsheetz

Your dreams of the sandless blanket are finally over! Beachsheetz can be your very own, sand proof blanket. Not only does it resist the sticky, unwanted beach sand or forest dirt, it’s also a heat resistant blanket! The blend of materials in our beachsheetz fabric keep it cool and refreshing all day long, whether you’re at the beach or doing yoga in the park! You thought that was it? Think again! Our beachsheetz also works as a waterproof blanket! The fibers within the fabric seep right off, so this water resistant blanket is extremely easy to dry off and pack up after a long day by the shore! Leave the mess to the ones with standard beach towels… #Losers!

Don’t you hate it when you come back from a dip in the ocean and your towel is all tangled up due to a brief channel of the wind? Yeah, that sucks. Your phone most likely has sand on it, and now you’re going to have to get sandy in order to shake it out and lay it out once again- but, not with the Beachsheetz sand free blanket! Beachsheetz has four weighted corners that evenly distribute the weight so that you don’t have to with your flip flops, bag, and music speaker. The days of flimsy beach towels are over, my friends! Ripstop blankets to the rescue!

Backpack Blanket is using the backpack as a safe place to hold valuable when it's laid out


Everyone knows how annoying it is to carry towels, especially when they are wet and sandy after a days use. Included with your Beachsheetz is an attached drawstring backpack that easily packs itself. You pull the blanket out, and the backpack becomes a useful pocket to store away your valuables while you’re laying out! This backpack blanket can go anywhere you want it to go, and there’s extra room to store your other exploration-day essentials.

Is there an outdoor blanket better than Beachsheetz? Or maybe we should ask a more fair question: Is there an outdoor blanket that even compares with as many features as Beachsheetz? We’ll wait. #theanswerisno