Three Must-Haves for your Fall Camping Trip

Camping season is here and we are jazzed about it! Nothing beats enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends. Bring on the bonfires, sticky s'mores, and fall excursions! 

Sunset in Santa Monica

Why you should go camping in the fall 

If you’ve ever been camping around this time of year then you know the answer to this question. Camping in the fall is the best time of year to go! It’s not only filled with gorgeous views with the fall leaves making their debut, but it’s also much cooler temperatures!

It’s not too hot or too cold if you're tent camping. You also don’t have to worry as much about critters… the mosquitoes aren’t nearly as bad, either! 

Camping in the fall really helps you appreciate the change in scenery. Being stationed in nature for a few days does some good for everybody. We encourage you to get out there this fall! Whether you go to the local campground to tent camp or take a road trip to a national park, just make it happen!

Young couple laying in a pop up tent with BeachSheetz as the tarp, overlooking a mountain view

We know what you need to make your Fall Camping Trip the best yet

There are a few essentials that every camper must never forget- especially for the fall season trip. To make the most out of your fall camping trip, you’ll need to triple-check that you have these three things. 


The later it gets, the more the temperatures will drop. You need to be prepared. Always bring your best set of thermal pajamas! The last thing you want is to be too cold to fall asleep after a long day of hiking. Don’t forget thick socks as well! (Additional tip: Always try to go to the bathroom at least twice before bed. You don’t want to have to get out of the tent in the middle of the night to go tinkle on the nearest tree/bush).

A young man is putting up a tent


The fun doesn’t start unless there’s whiskey… we mean smores. If you’re going to camp in the fall months, you’ve got to be prepared to do it the right way! Fall flavors bring out the atmosphere that much more. With apple cider or hot cocoa, you’ll get warmed up in no time and fit the part so well. You can’t go camping, in general, without smores. (Pro tip: Mix your apple cider with your whiskey. Yep, game-changer).

Young couple sitting inside the tent, looking out at the view with the camp blanket, BeachSheetz laid out as a tarp


You need to have a stable and secure tarp to step out onto when you leave the tent. It’s also smart to have a tarp wherever you eat, so you can pick up any messes easily without attracting bugs. The indestructible outdoor blanket, BeachSheetz is the perfect base for your campsite. Considering it’s water-proof and sand-proof, what more could you want for an outdoor tarp? It’ll make for easy cleanup and you can be confident it will stay in place with the ground stakes on every corner.

We hope you make the decision to hit the campgrounds this fall! There’s no better way to spend these cooler months! Cheers!