The Three Products Every Yogi Needs

Once you become a yogi, you’re no longer “just” practicing yoga… you become a part of a whole entire culture! There are so many different products that can enhance one’s practice, offer better results and of course, bring lots of relaxation! Here are three products that you may not “need” to practice yoga, but if you’re a true yogi… you’ll have to have them.

1. Yogi Bare Acupressure Mat

As Forbes said, the yoga bare acupressure mat is one of the best yoga innovations of the year. This isn’t your average yoga mat. The Yogi Bare Acupressure mat has over 200 rounded-tip spikes that resemble the feeling of an acupuncture session. Practicing with this mat will take your yoga experience to new levels. It’s said to not be painful whatsoever, yet allows your body to release endorphins which results in a better sense of wellbeing. You’ll experience energy, happiness, and relaxation all at the same time.

Yogi Bare Acupressure Mat
2. Yoga Mat Cleaner
Whether you’re the hot-yoga-type or not, if you’re constantly practicing yoga, then you’re putting some serious sweat-work into that mat! It’s one thing to use a towel, but perspiration is bound to seep in. You don’t want to be the stinky one in class. That’s why a yogi-genius created this awesome yoga mat cleaner. Made by Asutra, 100-percent natural and organic, this mat cleaner is one of the best on the market. With over 3,500 solid reviews on Amazon, you can bet that it smells great and refreshes your mat.

This mat spray comes in three awesome fragrances: Calming Citrus, Uplighting Eucalyptus, and Energizing Peppermint. We’re not sure why putting words like “uplighting” in front of essential oils makes it sound so much better, but it does, and you need this product in your life.
Yoga Mat Cleaner made by Asutra
3. BeachSheetz Outdoor Blanket
Last but not least, there’s something to be said about outdoor yoga. Doing such a peaceful practice in the natural environment is hard to beat. Whether you live in the smoky mountains, the California beaches, lakeside in Utah, or right in the middle of Central Park, this ripstop blanket is one every yogi needs for outdoor practice. It’s a waterproof blanket, as well as heat-resistant. The beach blanket is large enough to fit three average-sized adults, so it’s the perfect mat for group or acro yoga! It’s designed with specific materials that keep it completely sand-free. What yogi couldn’t benefit from a sandless blanket?!

Last but not least, it serves as a backpack, too! Yep, you heard that right: a backpack blanket. It easily fits inside a drawstring bag; throw it over your shoulder and you're ready for any outdoor yoga adventure!
Man walking while wearing his Backpack Beach Blanket

Well, there ya have it, yogis! Three incredible products to enhance your yoga practice. Namaste!Young woman practicing yoga at the park on beachsheetz