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Soccer season is here! Now that the season is beginning, your schedule is going to start revolving around school pick-up, week-night practices, and Saturday morning games! After years of playing this role, you will eventually create a solid routine that makes this time of year nothing but enjoyable.

As exciting and rewarding it can be to see your kids build their skills and play their heart out, it can be a daunting and dreadful time for parents due to the overwhelming dedication it takes out of your weekly routine. It can get hard to keep up with all your tasks, your spouse's schedule, and (if you have) other babies! 

We’re in the business of designing ways to make your life better, quicker- so that way, you can live full out! It’s 2019- it shouldn’t have to take you years to perfect your soccer mom lifestyle!

We did our part in creating a product that will help you manage all the other parts of life while watching your fireball score the winning goal!

BeachSheetz laid out in the grass at the park

An Outdoor Blanket for the Whole Family! 

If you have a growing family, then it may be a little stressful to think of keeping your other child entertained while the other is on the field playing. That’s where BeachSheetz, the ultimate outdoor blanket comes in. 

Don’t let the name confuse you, BeachSheetz go far beyond beach borders! This blanket is perfect for any outdoor setting. It’s perfect for soccer games because you can create a pretty large play area for your little one without making them feel like they are “limited.”

This ripstop blanket is seven feet long and seven feet wide; needless to say, you could have your chair laying at the back and your child would still have plenty of room to play in front of you!

Beach Blanket turns into a Soccer Blanket? We think so.

BeachSheetz can turn into whatever you want it to be! A lot of our customers call it their camp blanket, too. ;) Another reason you’ll love it- Moms always love multipurpose products. This is a prime example of that! 

Now, fall sports can get interesting. There will be some games where you’re sweating your butt off and others we’re the winds are whipping!

Luckily, BeachSheetz can remain steady even when the weather changes! When it’s hot outside, you can be relieved to know that your outdoor blanket won’t ever overheat. This extra-large blanket is heat-resistant, water-resistant, and sand-resistant! Your little one can spend hours laying out on this heat-resistant blanket and never feel too much sun. 

A man is pushing in the ground stake for the beachsheets outdoor blanket

What about when it’s windy outside? We’re glad you asked. Whenever it’s windy, you can make sure your sandless blanket stays anchored- thanks to the included ground stakes! An outdoor blanket that can’t be shaken, my friends. With the help of the included ground stakes, you won’t have to worry about your large blanket interrupting your child’s game by catching wind aimlessly. 

A winning score in mom’s eyes!
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