The Outdoor Blanket: When in Doubt, Stake it Out!

We call this outdoor blanket, BeachSheetz because it shares the story behind our innovation. However, BeachSheetz is the perfect blanket for any outdoor adventure.

Whether you use your BeachSheetz as a camp blanket, a beach blanket, or a blanket for sitting in the park, the qualities of BeachSheetz can serve you in any type of outdoor environment! 
A young woman practicing yoga in the park using the BeachSheetz outdoor blanket

What makes this outdoor blanket the best? 

BeachSheetz is designed with a certain fabric that can resist heat, water, and sand. Not only does it say cool and clean, but it also is attached to a drawstring backpack which makes it super easy to carry!
Sand free outdoor blanket

This backpack blanket can carry all your belongings for your day’s adventure. The water-resistant blanket easily folds into the backpack with leftover room for your phone, water bottles, sunscreen, and more. Whatever type of adventure you’re taking, your BeachSheetz backpack can carry the necessities! 
Young girl hiking with her backpack blanket
Another perk that comes with purchasing a BeachSheetz of your very own is having the sandless blanket that can fit the whole crew! This 7-x-7-foot blanket is perfect for a group of friends or a camp-lovin’ family! 

When in doubt, just stake it out. 

In every BeachSheetz order, a pack of ground stakes is included. There’s nothing better than a product that has thought of every scenario. That was our mission when designing this waterproof blanket. Being able to avoid dirt/sand, water, and heat is one thing, but you also have to factor in the wind!

The wind is not a problem with your ripstop blanket. Thanks to your included ground stakes, you can truly relax when laying out on your comfortable, heat-resistant blanket.

As we like to say, go enjoy the great outdoors and live the #BeachLife with us!
A couple using the ground stakes for their BeachSheetz Camp Blanket while camping

We’d LOVE to see the adventures you take your BeachSheetz blanket on! Be sure to tag us in your picture so we can feature you on our page!