The Item You’re Missing During Your Beach Workout

The gym can get real old, real fast. Everybody loves a change in scenery! You know the BeachSheetz crew is always looking for ways to spend time outdoors... Who doesn’t love a killer beach day workout?!

The beach is a natural obstacle course. With the thick sand, beaming sun, and heavy-current waves, you can work muscles you didn’t even know you had! You’re probably wondering, what else do you need to make the beach a better place to workout? We’re glad you asked. 
An athlete sitting on his beachsheetz blanket getting ready to complete a beach day workout
Whether you’re doing long-distance runs, HIIT workouts, or choppy swims, you need a home base for your belongings. When you plan a beach workout, it’s nothing like going to the beach on a normal day. Packing for the beach on a normal day consists of bringing everything under the sun; whereas, when you pack for a beach workout, you want to bring as little as possible. 

BeachSheetz: The Item That Takes Care of All Your Needs 

There are (at least) five items that we can bet every person brings to their beach workout. You’ve got to have water (1) to stay hydrated, a bag (2), to hold your phone, keys, and wallet (3-5) while you tone up. Nobody wants to drink from a sandy water bottle or see that their phone is overheating.

What if there were a way that you could have a bag that holds are your belongings, protects your phone from overheating, getting sandy, or getting wet, and it will also provide you with a clear and sturdy place to workout?

BeachSheetz: The Backpack Blanket

A bag that turns into a 7x7 foot beach blanket? Yep! This extra large beach blanket can be the home base for all your exercises.
A guy doing his stretching and ab workout on the beachsheetz blanket during his beach day workout
Nobody wants to stretch or do abs in the sand… sweat + sand is a terrible combination. With this sand-free blanket, you’ll be comfortable throughout your entire workout! 

This blanket also happens to be heat-resistant and water-resistant. Where the backpack lays out, there's a slot to put your belongings so you can be sure they are safe and protected from the hot summer sun! 

Okay, but how am I supposed to be active on this sandless blanket without it moving everywhere?

Hello, that’s why BeachSheetz includes four stakes with every purchase! You can lunge, jump, kick, and scream all you want on your water-resistant blanket and it’ll remain secured in place. 
Getting ready to start a beach workout, this guy is putting in his stakes to keep his beachsheetz secure

There’s nothing better than knowing that within one bag you can have all your belongings and necessities for the perfect beach day workout. If you happen to have more than five items and you’re worried all your things won’t fit within the backpack blanket, think again! BeachSheetz Backpacks are designed with extra room so you can fit it all! 


Have a great workout!