The Feature-Packed Blanket that’s Got Your Back

BeachSheetz is not your typical beach blanket. This feature-packed blanket has your back and we mean that quite literally. Read along to see why you need this outdoor blanket in your life!

Whether you want to beach it up or hike it out, BeachSheetz is the best companion for all your outdoor adventures. Nothing beats enjoying the outdoors while keeping comfort in mind. BeachSheetz is an extra-large beach blanket that measures seven by seven feet. In other words, it’s huge. It can hit three to four grown adults with ease. Although the size alone is enough to sell us on this outdoor blanket, the additional features are what really make us #AddtoCart. 🛒

The Traveler that’s Got Your Back

BeachSheetz was created to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors. We just wanted to get people outside and we knew the only way to do that was to create a product that made their outdoor adventures more enjoyable. We knew we had to create an item that would become a traveling must-have. That’s exactly why BeachSheetz has the functionality that it does. 

How does a blanket have my back? 

Solid question to ask yourself. Isn’t it a pain to carry around a beach bag with all your essentials in it? Sometimes, your beach towel doesn’t even fit and you end up having to carry it separately? Yeah, we’ve been there. 

Been there, done that, OVER IT. 

BeachSheetz is a BACKPACK BLANKET! The durable quality that makes up your blanket also serves as a drawstring backpack. With a simple pinch and pull technique, you can easily fit your blanket right back in the backpack with ample room leftover! Only ONE BAG needed for all your traveling excursions. 

Watch how easy it is to fit back inside the backpack! 

We’ve Got Your Back!

Convenience, comfort, and quality are what make up our BeachSheetz Blanket. With waterproof, heat-proof, and sand-resistant properties, this outdoor towel is the best investment you’ll make just in time for spring and summer. BeachSheetz has always got your back, literally! 

Pick out your favorite style of BeachSheetz here!