The Epic Playdate for Toddlers

We don’t mean to toot our own horn but we seriously have the secret sauce for the most epic playdate you can throw for your toddler. 

Whenever you become a mother, you’re willing to try just about anything to entertain your child and keep them happy. Playdates are a great way for your child to socialize and play without you having to be the main source of entertainment.

What most parents don’t realize is that playdates can be just as stressful, if not more stressful than when you’re alone with your little one! If there isn’t a solid plan in place as to how you’re going to entertain these little ones, it can get real cray, real quick!

An apple and strawberry laying on the outdoor blanket, BeachSheetz

Have a Plan In Place of your Toddler Playdate

It’s essential that you map out a series of events and activities for your toddler’s playdate, otherwise it can turn messy and exhausting for you and whoever is involved. Playdates are supposed to give you a break, not add to the stress!

Whether your best friend is running errands this week and it’s your turn to watch the kids for a little while or you and all your friends are wanting to get together and you’re setting up a massive playdate, creating a plan beforehand that will work is going to make you have the best day ever.


What if there was a way that you could actually regulate the mess that happens during a playdate and not even care how messy it gets because it’s not going to require a strenuous cleanup? That’s something you’d want to know more about, isn’t it? 

With the help of BeachSheetz, you can throw the most epic playdate experience without stressing yourself out with a crazy mess afterward! 

Purchase the Ultimate Kid-Proof Blanket 

Did you say kid-proof? Who cares what it is- just sign me up! Yes, BeachSheetz is an outdoor accessory blanket that is pretty much kid-proof. Hmm.. who knows; maybe we should start marketing this epic beach blanket as “the kid-proof” blanket! With the use of this blanket in a parent’s everyday life, you will free up a lot of time and reduce built-up frustration from all the messes of raising little kiddos!

We get it. We understand how daunting it can be to keep up after a toddler. That’s exactly why you need this blanket. BeachSheetz is a 7 ft by 7 ft durable blanket. It can work as a beach blanket, a camping tarp, or a play area for your kids and pets! 

Father laying out the extra large beach blanket for the kids to play on

How will this Beach Blanket help with throwing playdates?

There are a few things you should know about this “beach blanket.” For starters, it’s huge. With 7 feet in both directions, your toddler and friends will have plenty of room to stay entertained without feeling like they are “trapped” within limits. 

Are you ready for the real value? This blanket is water-resistant, heat-resistant, and sand-resistant. Do you want to know what that also means? It means that if your toddler spills juice or decides to pour out all their goldfish, nothing is going to stick or seep into their play area. 

Lastly, this blanket is also a backpack! Say what?! Yes- it’s a backpack blanket! Attached to the blanket is a drawstring backpack so it’s super easy to store away, as well as carry on the go! Your friends are going to ask you to bring the backpack blanket until they decide to get their very own! 

If you want to read a more in-depth article that explains all the features of our backpack blanket, click here! 

Make it EPIC

With this sand-free blanket, you can make an epic playdate experience because you’re not going to be concerned with the mess! 

Clear out a spot in the backyard to layout the extra-large blanket and then give the kiddos some play-doh or sand to build castles! Once you’re ready to clean up, it’s as simple as this: just wash it off with the hose! 

This heat-resistant blanket will dry up in no time and then you're done! Your toddler had the best playdate ever, let out all his/her energy, and is ready for naptime and YOU can enjoy yourself this naptime rather than cleaning up after the mess. Ah, what a wonderful world.