The Best Sand Free Beach Blanket/Mat: Over $1M Sold and Hundreds of Five-Star Reviews

How did the Beachsheetz Kickstarter campaign reach over $1M in sales and hundreds of five-star reviews? Well, by being the best beach blanket on the market!

Beachsheetz is the world’s first and only sand, heat, and water-resistant beach blanket that is designed with weighted corners and comes attached to a drawstring backpack. It’s the ultimate outdoor blanket for any and all activities and adventures. All sorts of different customers are continuing to rave about this Kickstarter beach towel… 
The drawstring backpack attached to the outdoor blanket, Beachsheets

Everybody loves good customer reviews, and luckily, the Beachsheetz reviews are just that. The beach sheet towel is known for being large, lightweight, and perfect for any type of environment or age group! It’s one thing when the creators of this backpack blanket say it’s great, but it’s a whole other thing when unbiased customers chime in! We were confident that our ripstop blanket would hit the ground running, but nothing beats the feeling of being backed by happy customers! 

Who can use BeachSheetz and Where can you use it?  

We created a product that does not discriminate! This waterproof blanket can serve anyone and everyone, even your pets! It’s great for the whole family. The sole intention of this outdoor blanket was to get people outside! We wanted it to be the ideal hangout spot for people to enjoy nature more often than not. According to Beachsheetz Reviewers… that’s exactly what it’s doing! We have some amazing customers that use their outdoor blanket for all types of different activities! BeachSheetz can travel with you wherever you want to go! Read along with us below to see how BeachSheetz can benefit anyone, anywhere.

Great for Young Families:
Young family using their beachsheetz beach blanket at the beach

Great for Couples! 
A couple showcasing their beach day set up using the beachsheetz blanket as a tarp area
Great for any Outdoor Activity:
Mother and baby laying out while camping on the camp blanket, Beachsheetz 
As you can see, BeachSheetz are the ultimate outdoor blanket. Within one year, BeachSheetz has sold over $1M in sales and continues to receive hundreds of five-star reviews! Check more great Beachsheetz reviews out here. What are you waiting for? Order today!