Soak Up The Sun In Your Own Way with BeachSheetz

As you’ve probably figured, BeachSheetz is a great product to have with you while you’re at the beach. With that said, we encourage you to get creative; it can accompany all kinds of occasions! When you’re getting out to get some sun, bringing something to lounge on is always a good idea. BeachSheetz is the easiest blanket to transport and works in every environment!

The Festival-Goer’s New Best Friend 

BeachSheetz is an essential item for the music lover. It’s brilliant to have at festivals or concerts, or anywhere you need to set up an impromptu space. Its large size of seven feet by seven feet can provide ample space to set up camp. 

Because music events are crowded, you won’t want to lug around more than you need to in these scenarios. The backpack design of BeachSheetz is so easy to wear and light that the responsibility of carrying it with you won’t be a burden. 

Dance To The Beat With BeachSheetz

No concerts or festivals in your future? No problem! Recently, many music events have been canceled due to the Corona Virus. It’s a bummer, but don’t get down- get up! 

Put on your own concert or DJ set with BeachSheetz! All you need is tunes and a BeachSheetz blanket to lighten your mood. Throwdown this surface anywhere (inside or outside) and you’ve got yourself a dance floor. 

Dancing has been proven to decrease depression and anxiety, boost self-esteem, and improve heart health. Even if it means dancing on your own, we encourage you to give this idea a try!

Feeling Energetic?

Although there’s always a time and place for lounging, the BeachSheetz blanket isn’t just reserved for laying down. 

If you live an active lifestyle, you’ll find lots of opportunities to use your BeachSheetz blanket in your daily routine. It can be used as a landing for many movement-related activities like yoga, stretching, gymnastics, HIIT workouts and more! 

By ordering a BeachSheetz blanket, you’ll receive a blank canvas for all of the creative activities you’ll cook up in these warmer months. Soaking up the sun can be done in all different kinds of ways!

The World Is Yours

You get to choose how you spend your recreation time. Wherever your heart leads you, make sure that you take your BeachSheetz blanket with you. You’ll never want to be without it once you see how handy it can be!