Sand Free Weighted Beach Blanket: World's First & World's Best? You Tell Us…

You might think were a little biased… but before we created the BeachSheetz beach blanket, we were your everyday customers... just like you! Going to Santa Monica Beach with a group of friends, playing frisbee, and laying out was an every-weekend occurrence. We could never find the perfect size blanket to bring from the stores, so we’d grab an old king-sized bed sheet that we could all layout on… (hence, why we called our beach blanket, BeachSHEETZ).

The problem with doing this is pretty obvious: Bed sheets are not made for the outdoors. Sand got everywhere, it was fully soaked in saltwater in seconds, and you’d be lucky if it didn’t catch wind multiple times throughout the day. Needless to say, this wasn’t the best, most efficient way to “beach it” with friends.

We obviously think that BeachSheetz is the world’s best beach blanket, but there are lots of facts to back it...

Here’s Why We Really Are THE BEST.

BeachSheetz are not your average beach blanket. We are the World’s First sand, heat and water-resistant blanket with weighted corners. Our 7x7-feet sheet can easily lay three average-sized adults, and with weighted corners, your blanket is guaranteed to stay put the entire time during your fun day in the sun, (even if it’s a little windy).
Two friends laying on the sand free beach blanket

Sand-Resistant Blanket 
Have you ever heard of a Sand-Proof Beach Blanket?! I don’t think it can get much better than that. Even the people who are beach-obsessed can agree that being sandy is uncomfortable and ultimately, annoying. Our sandless blankets are designed with a rip-stop polyester that keeps your blanket completely sand-free all day long. (Perfect for families with little ones!)

Water & Heat-Resistant Blanket
Formulated along with the rip-stop polyester is a waterproof coating that dries insanely fast and keeps your blanket cool all day long. You never have to worry about your waterproof blanket getting too hot, which is great for any type of outdoor setting. This product is completely universal; you can use it as a beach blanket or a camp blanket! It’s capable of any outdoor environment, while also working as a barrier towards the most common and unwanted parts of enjoying the outdoors. 
A mother playing with her child on the camp blanket at a camping site

Ripstop Blanket
This thing is built to last. WIth ripstop fabrics, you never have to worry about it tearing or ripping. Not to mention, it cleans up easily due to the water-resistant function. You can wash it off with the hose or run it in a cold, delicate cycle and it’ll be air-dry in minutes. It always looks brand-new and it’s up for any adventure.

Backpack Blanket
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… we thought of one more thing to really add the final touch, making it the best beach blanket in the world…
two men wearing beachsheetz backpack blankets walking to the beach 
Your beach blanket is attached to a lightweight, easy-to-carry-and-store, drawstring backpack! Towels are always bulky and take up lots of space in your bag- not BeachSheetz! You can effortlessly pack up this blanket back into the bag, and it’s ready to take wherever you’re wanting to go. Not to mention, we added hideaway pockets and extra storage space, so you don’t have to carry several bags, and your valuables are tucked away and protected from the heat and sand as well!
Man using the hideaway pocket designed in the backpack blanket to store his valuable items
Now that you know the facts, you decide whether BeachSheetz sounds like the world’s first and best beach blanket on the market! Let us know how you feel about BeachSheetz in the comments below! Every person that started a business with a product was previously a consumer of the product. The goal is to bring a more valuable version of that product so that everyone can benefit. BeachSheetz was created for that reason alone!

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