Put on the Right Kind Of Weight This New Year!

Do we have your attention? 😂 We are not health experts and promise to never give you any type of health or dieting advice. 😉 In all seriousness though… when it comes to your outdoor accessories, weight is not a bad thing.

Putting On The Right Kind of Weight 

There’s a good chance, every single person thinks about getting a little more active and slim during the new year. After all, there is always room for improvement! Sometimes, weight is a good thing and in our case, it’s really good.

We designed the BeachSheetz Blanket to have weighted corners on all four sides. Isn’t it super annoying when you’re at the beach or the park and the wind picks up? Suddenly all your stuff is either sandy or moved around- No, thank you! With BeachSheetz, you don’t have to worry about your stuff going anywhere! (And if for some reason you do… we also provide four ground stakes for each corner, too!) 

Weigh in on this… 

Alright, so we proved to you what the right kind of weight is… now what if we also argued that BeachSheetz can help you keep that fitness resolution in tack? 

Sure it can! BeachSheetz is meant for the outdoors! We created this blanket with the sole attention to get people outside! It’s waterproof, sand-resistant, and heat-resistant! You can get your hike on, reach the top of that empowering mountain, and get ready to pat yourself on the back while sitting comfortably on BeachSheetz! Breathable, non-sticky, and just flat-out nice! (Even the manliness men don’t like sitting in the dirt!)

Do you know what waterproof means? Sweat-proof… Hello! You can do all your workouts on BeachSheetz! Break a sweat and the materials within this sheet will just sweep your sweat right off. 

Make it Count! 

We hope the only weight that you gain this year is from when you wear your BeachSheetz Backpack! Get outside, enjoy your surroundings, and follow through with those goals! We’re rooting for you!