Plan this Adventurous Date on Your Fall Calendar

Fall is a great time to get outdoors. Why not spend it with someone you like? If you take your crush on this adventurous day date this fall, there’s no way the feelings won’t be mutual.

Young couple holding hands while hiking, wearing their BeachSheetz backpacks

The Perfect Fall Date

It’s silly not to use the outdoors as an advantage in the fall season. With the leaves changing and the climate getting cooler.. It puts everyone in a blissful and cozy mood. That’s the kind of vibe you want on a date, isn’t it? 

Here’s what you need to do to win your crush over on this adventurous date: 

1. An Outdoor Blanket

With the help of BeachSheetz, you’ll have the best outdoor blanket covered. You can give the perfect day date experience to your crush on a lovely hike or trail (depending on where you live). 

Don’t let the name of this ripstop blanket confuse you. Just because BeachSheetz is technically the world’s best beach blanket doesn’t limit it to just salt water.

This extra large, sand-free, and water-resistant blanket is intended for all parts of nature! It’s big enough to share between the two of you, while still giving enough room to prevent it from ever getting awkward. Your date will surely be impressed with your preparedness. 
Young girl at the top of a mountain, pulling out the attached blanket in her drawstring backpack

2. Music Speaker

Going back to being awkward… nobody likes complete silence on a first date. With some music playing softly in the background, it will make the date feel much more relaxed and comfortable. 

(Brownie points if you find out what their favorite genre of music is).

3. Snacks & Drinks

There’s a good chance, since you’re exercising, that you may get a little hungry or dehydrated. Be sure to add some snacks and tasty beverages to your attached drawstring backpack! Yeah, BeachSheetz is a backpack blanket- told you it’s perfect for any adventure!
A girl is laying out her BeachSheetz outdoor blanket on top of a mountain

4. Adventure, of course!

The most important tip of all… be adventurous. It’s great to be prepared but if your feelings are true, you need to be yourself and relax a little bit! Allow the conversation to flow and enjoy the silence every now and then. Don’t rush into the next conversation and appreciate your time with the person you like.

Taking your crush on an adventurous date is the perfect way to start a pretty good love story if you ask us. With the help of BeachSheetz and good views, you might just score your match-made in heaven! 
Young couple holding hands while walking up a mountain with their backpack blankets on.