Outdoor Yogis: This is For You | The Outdoor Mat of your Dreams

It’s pretty awesome once you begin taking your yoga practice outdoors. There’s something to be said about pushing your mind, body, and spirit in the midst of the natural world!

Wherever you are on your yoga journey, there’s always room for growth, improvement, and strength. BeachSheetz is all about getting outside and being in nature. We love seeing our customers actively using our products while enjoying the great outdoors! 

The Intention of BeachSheetz

BeachSheetz was never intended for only one type of person. You might think that since the outdoor blanket is called “BeachSheetz,” it’s intended for the beach only- heck no! BeachSheetz are the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. We just had the vision when we were on the beach, so it only seemed fitting to incorporate where the innovation was created into the product name! 

After launching our product in 2018, we saw a huge success in how our product was being used! BeachSheetz has been considered the ultimate beach blanket, camp blanket, outdoor tarp, and yoga mat! 

You may be thinking… how does this serve as a great yoga mat? Keep reading, friend…

A woman sitting cross-legged on the outdoor blanket, Beachsheetz, getting ready to start her yoga practice in the park

BeachSheetz: The Outdoor Yoga Mat of Your Dreams 

Okay, this is definitely not the type of “mat” you should bring to your local studio- considering it’s seven-foot-tall and seven-foot wide; however, having an extra-large mat like this is perfect for the outdoors or group yoga! (If you’re really cool then you probably do acro yoga, which would also make this mat perfect for you and your yoga partner).

NON-GRIP, RIPSTOP BLANKET: It’s the worst when you start to get in the flow of your yoga sesh and your sweaty palms start sticking to the mat- talk about interrupting your zen. That doesn’t happen with BeachSheetz! Designed with a specific material that prevents tears and stops adhesive from happening.

SANDLESS BLANKET:  If your doing yoga outdoors, there’s going to be sand or dirt of some sort near you. No matter how much you sweat, this sand-free blanket won’t stick!
WATER-RESISTANT BLANKET: A waterproof blanket qualifies as a sweat-proof blanket. As we mentioned, your days of sticky palms are OVER with the help of BeachSheetz!

Woman meditating in the park while sitting on her beachsheetz beach blanket

COMPLETELY  STATIONARY: The best part about this outdoor mat is that it stays in place! That’s the kind of mat you need when it comes to doing yoga poses, duh! The blanket has weighted corners on all four sides. If the wind is really kicking, don’t fret! Each BeachSheetz order includes four ground stakes to ensure complete stability. 

Log Out, Let Go, Learn Yoga

Alright, friends! Now that you know all the amazing features that make this outdoor blanket the yoga mat of your dreams, it’s time to browse the collection! We’re signing off with a quote to live by: Log Out, Let Go, Learn Yoga. 🧘 Sending you good vibes! We can’t wait to see where you end up posing! Be sure to tag us in your pictures @beachsheetz

A woman doing a yoga pose in the park while laying out on her extra large yoga blanket, BeachSheetz