New Year, Same Mission

Doesn't every business want to grow into something bigger and better? Of course! However, it’s important to remember why you started and what you can do to make this world a better place through your business. That’s why BeachSheetz is embracing the new year with the same mission.

The BeachSheetz Mission 

BeachSheetz believes in two things: enjoying the outdoors and making the world a better place. Through our products, we are able to hold that promise as our mission. 

Mission Part #1: Enjoying the outdoors

When designing the beach blanket, we wanted it to be that staple product that every person needs to better enjoy their outdoor experience. In order to do that, we had to solve the problems other brands weren’t. We needed to create an outdoor blanket that was feature-packed, affordable, and practical. 

We wanted to give people a reason to get outside and enjoy life!

Our mission was to make people get outside, which meant we needed to make people’s experience outdoors… better. That’s why we created an extra large blanket that is water-resistant, heat-resistant, and sand-resistant. That’s why we designed four weighted corners inside the blanket and include four ground stakes with every order, so you never have to worry about your blanket getting blown away or scrunched up. 

We wanted to create an outdoor blanket that could be used anywhere. The concept of this waterproof blanket was inspired at the beach- hence why we named it BeachSheetz but it’s so much more than a beach towel. 

You can take this blanket with you to the park, camping, hiking, or on a picnic! It can even be used inside your home as a play area for y0ur kids! Its functionality is truly perfect for any setting. 

It was our obligation to create the best outdoor accessory, so we could encourage you to get outside! 

Mission Part #2: Making the world a better place

Although we believe that the more people that get outside, the happier we’ll all be, we also know that it’s not “enough” to make the world a better place. 

So, we decided that we could TRULY make a difference in the world by using our profit from BeachSheetz and giving back to an organization that is making a major difference. 

A portion of all of our profits goes towards saving and protecting marine wildlife through the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation. Learn more about their mission here. 

It only seemed right to give back to the outdoors that we love. Your purchases are what keep that mission alive. We couldn’t do it without you! 

As we take on a new year and head into a new decade, we hope that our business remains rooted in the mission that always was from the beginning. 

Join us in our fight to save our planet and wildlife through your purchase of BeachSheetz or provide a direct donation to the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation.