Moms, Don’t You Want to Travel Lighter?

Every mother would have the same answer to this question- duh! The title “parent” also comes with being known as the official pack mule as your children see it. Luckily, we have a little solution to make your packing a little lighter and more enjoyable. 

BeachSheetz Has Your Back! 

So, you want to spend a lovely day with your kiddos in the park? You start to think of all the things you’ll need to bring and suddenly, staying at home doesn’t sound so bad after all... Does this sound like you? No, mama! You deserve to get outside and enjoy some fresh air without feeling like you’ve got to pack the entire house.

It can be overwhelming to think of all the things you’ll need for a day out with your kids. Whether you have a newborn or toddler or 4-year-old-going-on-40, BeachSheetz has your back when it comes to what to pack. 😏

The Only Backpack You Need For a Full Day of Fun! 

BeachSheetz is your number-one outdoor accessory. This backpack is a simple, drawstring design that’s super lightweight. The best part about it is this backpack is much more than you think. It converts into a seven-by-seven-foot outdoor blanket! No need to hustle up multiple beach towels or heavy lawn chairs. This outdoor blanket is all you need to sit, relax, and enjoy your family’s company.

BeachSheetz has plenty of room for all your other belongings, like your kid’s favorite monster truck or beach toys! It comes with hideaway pockets that allow you to keep your phone, keys, and wallet in a safe, separate compartment so you never lose what’s most important. You’ll also find two types of ground stakes in your backpack in case it’s a windy day. 

This waterproof, sand-proof, and heat-resistant blanket is just what you need to pack lighter and enjoy your time with family. Watch this short video from our Instagram to see how functional and roomy this backpack blanket really is!