Make Every Festival Even Better with this One Item

You’ve had the fall festival booked for months and it’s finally here. To make your experience even better, you need to make sure you have this one item.

It’s time to chill and listen to good music. 

That’s what festivals and concerts are all about, isn’t it? Good music, good friends, and good vibes. It’s hard to beat a huge “party” with your friends and other people that appreciate the same music as you. (If you like the same music- chances are you have similar personalities). Not to mention, a festival is like going to a party and having the DJ play all the right songs. It’s hard to beat, to say the least. 

To take full advantage of this experience, you need to be prepared. Festivals can get a little crazy and a little loud. The best way to enjoy yourself is to mind your own business and have your set up figured out. 

What’s the one product you need to make your festival experience the best yet? 

You need the largest outdoor blanket that’s on the market. That way, you and all your friends can layout and chill out for the entire set without missing a beat. 

Why this blanket? 

For starters, it’s a backpack blanket. Yep, you heard that right. You will be able to carry all your belongings, snacks, wallets, phones, whatever you want in the backpack, all while having the best seat at the show as well. 

The drawstring backpack turns inside out and reveals a seven-by-seven-foot blanket. Not to mention, this blanket is waterproof, sand-proof, and heat-resistant. Therefore, nobody will be able to mess it up and if someone spills anything, it easily wipes off, leaving no stain or wetness. Crazy, right? 

The last thing that this sand-resistant blanket can do for you- it remains secure even when you’re not on it. Say you want to get up and dance? You don’t want to have to worry about your blanket catching wind and you losing sight of it, right? It would suck to have to always have one person tied down to the home base...

That’s exactly why you need this product. Every order of BeachSheetz comes with four ground stakes that can be pushed into the ground with ease to ensure it doesn't go anywhere- even if the winds start to ripple. The sand-proof blanket already has built-in weighted corners so once you stake it to the ground, it’s really staying put! 

Enjoy the atmosphere 

Soak it all in. Take a thousand pictures. Dance like no one’s watching. Meet new people. Embrace your friends. Stay in the moment. 

We know that you’ll love laying out on your very own Beachsheetz at every festival and concert to come. This is only the beginning! Browse the collection!