How to Grow Your Family Culture this Fall

September marks everything Fall. If Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice lattes, then you can start decorating with fall decor and designing your kids Halloween costumes… (jk, just go to Target and pick up the latest and greatest onesie- ain't nobody got time to design a costume). 

...We digress. Anyway, there’s something super cozy and comforting about the fall season. During the summer, your time is filled with pool parties and popsicles; whereas, fall is all about snuggles and bonfires. It’s quite a transition (or as we like to say- culture shock). 

There are a bunch of activities you can “do” with your children that will get them in the fall spirit, but how do you actually grow in your relationships with one another and create a family culture?

Family Culture is different from Family Festivities 

Let’s not get these two things confused. Family culture is defined as the overall environment or lifestyle that makes up the way you interact and communicate as a family. Family festivities are the activities you do together. 

Why is it important to know the difference? 

It’s important to know the difference because you can’t fulfill your kids with one trip to the pumpkin patch or one day of bobbing for apples; you have to be present and intentional every single day! Whether it’s within your home or outdoors, you are sculpting your overall culture. 

How do I grow my family culture?

There are several ways to grow in your family culture but one of the most important concepts that parents often overlook is getting on the same level as their children. 

It’s easy to allow your children to have fun with their friends, decorate the cookies alone while you “supervise,” or watch them play with their toys while they have their favorite movie on the television. Your child can feel your presence but that doesn’t mean that you’re being present. 

Get on the same level as your children.

How do you get on the same level as your children? You literally get on the ground and you spend time with them. You do whatever it takes to make them feel close to you and make them feel like you are involved in whatever they are doing! You’d be shocked how much this simple act will change your family culture. Your child will feel included, appreciated, and adored. Now, that’s the intention you want to set, isn’t it?

THIS FALL: Grow your Family Culture with BeachSheetz

Maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to growing your family culture. We have a product that can help. 

This fall, we encourage you to grow in your family culture with the help of BeachSheetz, the ultimate outdoor blanket! What better way to spend time with your family, then to literally layout with them on this extra-large beach blanket

A family of four sitting on the outdoor blanket, BeachSheetz in the park, playing and sharing quality time

You can do all the festivities you want on this blanket, considering its heat, water, and sand-proof! If you want to embrace the fall snuggles over a bonfire, leave the camp chairs in the garage, and layout together as a family on this ripstop blanket. 

You can't expect your child to get on your level. 

You can’t go wrong with getting on your child’s level. They will respect you more when they feel more like you and the only way for them to feel more like you is if you embrace the “kid” that’s within you! 

You can’t expect your child to get on your level, but you can most definitely lower down to theirs in an intentional way that will build a connection with them like never before. 

Drone view of a family of four, sitting in the park on their backpack blanket, BeachSheetz

We can’t wait to see the memories you make this fall
on your very own BeachSheetz!
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