Get Your Yoga On With BeachSheetz | Video Inside!

We all could use a little more serenity in such a fast-paced world. Yoga is a powerful practice that helps you remain grounded, balanced, and relaxed. Whether you’re starting off your day or your day is coming to a close, a quick yoga flow can be just the thing you need to get you moving or ease your mind.

Enjoy this two-minute yoga flow presented by Los Angeles Yoga Instructor, Jenny Kita

Only Two Minutes? Why Should I Bother? 

Two minutes or twenty minutes- your mind, body, and soul will always thank you for taking the time. Here at BeachSheetz, we understand how busy life can get. Sometimes, two minutes is all you have to spare. Imagine getting in the habit of doing this simple routine every morning? 

Not only will you start your day with more energy and alignment, but you’ll also be practicing a simple self-care mentality. Taking two minutes for YOURSELF to become grounded, balanced, and relaxed. Those two minutes can change the whole trajectory of how you go about your circumstances throughout the day. Don’t believe us? Just try it! After all, it’s only two minutes… 

Another great time to incorporate this yoga flow is at the end of your day. Yoga is a proven method to relax the mind, body, and soul. Complete this simple routine before showering and hopping into bed. It will clear your mind of all the day’s clutter, so you can truly wind down during your nighttime routine.

If you end each night with this routine, you can know that you ended your day with an accomplishment. You stuck to your routine which promotes positive reinforcement. Watching ourselves stick to a routine and check things off a list is monumental in how we view ourselves and go about our days in terms of productivity, communication, and much more. 

Go Above and Beyond With the Most Epic Yoga Mat

Yoga takes away the pressures of your day and helps you focus on the present. It helps you focus specifically on yourself. Sometimes, our equipment can distract us from our yoga practice. Making sure you have a non-stick yoga mat and amble place to do your session will help you get the most out of your two-minute practice. 

BeachSheetz is an excellent way to remain even more grounded. If you plan to practice your two-minute yoga flow in the guest room or maybe even take it outside in the backyard, BeachSheetz can level out your space- making your practice flow that much better.

We hope this encourages you to get your yoga flow on! Anyone can do yoga and everyone can benefit from it! The question is are you willing to get centered for two minutes? Get your flow on!