Five Ways You Can Go Green This Spring

Spring has sprung and we’re so ready for it. This season is all about having fun in the sun, kicking back, and enjoying some of the best weather the year has to offer. It’s times like these when we really appreciate Mother Nature and all that she does for us. Tell her “thank you” by implementing these green practices into your daily routine. It’s important to treat our world with the care it deserves, and we’ll show you how!

  1. Hang Dry Your Clothes 
    With the weather being so nice in the springtime, hang drying your clothes is no hassle at all. Skipping a trip to the dryer saves your clothes from damage and wear while saving energy. String and a few clothespins are all you need to set up a drying station right in your backyard. No backyard? No problem. Even a small porch or windowsill can provide enough surface to dry your clothes effectively. 

  2. Plant A Garden 
    Gardening is a fun and fulfilling activity, especially in the Spring. It’s a great way to bond with your kids or spouse by planting things together and, of course, getting out in the sun! The best part is you and the environment get to reap the benefits! Transporting fruits and vegetables to a store is usually a long, wasteful process. By growing your own, you get a fresher, healthier product while making a difference!

  3. Exercise Outside  
    Get outside to get your work out in! Gym machines expel a lot of energy that you could save by exercising the old-fashioned way. Our guess is that you’ll probably want to anyway; no one’s ever gotten mad at exercising in fresh air and sunshine. 

  4. Walk, Bike, or Carpool To Work
    If you can swing it, keep your car in the garage during this Spring season. By walking, biking, or asking a co-worker for a lift, you can work on going green when going to work. Walking and biking are also great ways to improve your health and mood- Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend while sitting shotgun!

  5. Open Your Windows 
    Aaaaaaah. Spring air feels so nice. We tend to forget that this beautiful weather can be fleeting, so take advantage while it’s here! Opening your windows can benefit you and your environment in so many ways. It exposes you to fresh air, allows immune-boosting airflow into your house, helps your indoor plants grow, and keeps you from using your thermostat or artificial lights when it’s not necessary. 

Spring is Pretty Awesome, and So Is Helping the Environment

If you’re green to go green, it’s a lot more simple than you may think. These are just a few ways to go green that are oh-so-easy and beneficial to you as well. We think that Springtime is the perfect time to start doing your part! #StayBeachin!