Don't FALL Back | Say No to Summertime Sadness

We’re all starting to accept that summer is over, but the BeachSheetz Crew is saying no to summertime sadness! The fall season is approaching fast and what that means is it’s easier to start falling back. Fall is the start of colder weather and holiday festivities. These are two great things but it can be the culprit to talking ourselves out of our summertime mindset.
Young girl laying out at the beach on her BeachSheetz beach blanket enjoying the summertime sunshine

Why You Should Keep Your Summertime Mindset in the Fall

In the summertime, you’re carefree and confident. Something about being a shade darker and wearing bright, colorful patterns makes you feel happier, doesn’t it? Although the fashion trends will turn to the fall basics, we encourage you to keep that brightness in your mindset! 

Just because it’s starting to get colder and cozier doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get outside! Keep that summertime freedom in your heart and go for a long walk in your neighborhood and hike the nearest trail. If you decide to keep those summertime qualities within your lifestyle all year round, you’re guaranteed to be a happier person! 

Sitting on the BeachSheetz sandless blanket, a young girl is eating watermelon and strawberries at the beach
This Fall: Balance Your Diet 

I’m pretty sure even the most-fit individuals struggle at this time of year with balancing their diet. Something about the cold weather just makes you crave the comfort of food! Not to mention, you have all the family festivities- THANKSGIVING. Are we sure that it’s called THANKS-Giving instead of FEAST-Giving? 

It’s okay to indulge this time of year. Don’t get obsessed with it but also be mindful and remember to add the healthy parts in your diet to balance out. Eat fruits and veggies like it’s going out of style! 

A girl raising up her hands up in the air outside while wearing the BeachSheetz backpack blanket Stay Happy and Stay Active 

The ultimate goal this fall/winter is to stay happy and active. The more you embrace the change in nature, the more you’ll grow to appreciate it! 

With your BeachSheetz backpack blanket, you can stay comfy and cozy. We made extra room in the backpack for your sunscreen and music speaker, but also for blankets and hot cocoa! Enjoy this fall and stay true to your best self! 

The BeachSheetz Crew