Carving Pumpkins? Here’s The Right Way To Do It

Halloween is upon us! Whether it’s your family tradition to bake pumpkin pie or compete to see who can design the spookiest jack-o-lantern, it’ll involve carving pumpkins. We know just the proper way to do it. 

A Mother’s Dilemma with this time of year 

I know what you’re thinking, mom. What October means for you is pumpkin spice and everything nice. What this time of year means for your kids… well, that’s a different story. It can get messy pretty quickly when it comes to participating in holiday festivities.

You’ve been planning your decorations for this time of year on Pinterest for longer than you’re proud to admit. You’ve brought out all your fall favorites in decorations, you’re planning to bake the most epic treats for the neighborhood block party, and you know just how you want to decorate your front porch. (Yes, it is now an acceptable time to decorate the outside of your home without people thinking you’re obsessed with the season). 

In a perfect world, your children wouldn’t try to clutter or disrupt the ambiance and expectations you have for your fall-theme home. But unfortunately, last time we checked, we’re still on Planet Earth which means “perfect” is about as real as vampires and witches. 

As hard as it is to lose control when it comes to Halloween costumes, decorating homemade cookies, and giving your child full rein to attack a pumpkin that you want to turn out looking like the ones you see on Pinterest, you gotta let up a little.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Fall festivities with your kids aren’t for “show.” They’re for making memories, sharing laughs, and having fun. We know just the thing you need to make this experience enjoyable for everyone- including you! 

Carving Pumpkins, anyone? Here’s how to do it the RIGHT way 

Carving pumpkins is like asking for a big, sloppy mess. What if I were to tell you there is a solution to avoiding a major clean up, while still allowing your kids to have fun with it? 

The last thing you want to do is be a damper on their fun. They want to be messy- that’s the whole experience of it! Instead of being a party-pooper and supervisor of who’s being too messy, choose to not even worry about it! 

How do you prevent worrying about it? You carve pumpkins with your BeachSheetz, duh! I know all of our current customers are so glad we brought this to their attention. Do you know how easy it would be to clean up pumpkin guts after using this indestructible outdoor blanket? 

With BeachSheetz, you don’t have to worry about smells lingering, stains forming, or complete chaos from happening as your children dig in elbow-deep in their chosen pumpkin! 

BeachSheetz is a multi-purpose outdoor blanket. It’s water-proof, sand-proof, and heat-proof. If this ripstop blanket can take on the SUN, we’re gonna go ahead and say it can be pumpkin-proof, too. 

Carving Pumpkins just got a whole lot cleaner 

Simply lay the extra-large outdoor blanket in the grass of your backyard or in the driveway upfront and allow your kids to go to town on decorating their very own jack-o-lantern! 

Once the mess has been created, it will be all wrapped up within the water-proof blanket. You can either bring the hose to it and allow the pumpkin guts to fertilize your yard or you can easily wipe it off inside a trash bag and throw it at the end of the curb. 

Your pumpkin-proof blanket will still be in great shape! No stench, no stains, and no longer any sign of a mess.

Your kids will be happy and you’ll be happy. If you don’t want to order the multi-purpose outdoor blanket, fine. Laying out newspapers or cutting open trash bags will do the job, too (but not nearly as easy as laying out BeachSheetz). 

Alright, that’s our holiday tip for you this week! We hope you have a FAB-BOO-LOUS fall season and all your Pinterest board dreams come true!