Benefits of Spending Time In Nature

The reason you feel good after a long day in the sun doesn’t come as a shock to science. Did you know that there are several health benefits of spending time outdoors? These benefits are a little surprising, but you can’t argue with facts.
A couple laying out their beach blanket at the lake

The 3 Astounding Benefits of Being Outdoors 

As most of you know, the BeachSheetz crew works hard to bring people the best experience outdoors. We are firm believers in the power of getting outside- backed by science or not! When we discovered these three health benefits, we just had to share. What better way to promote an outdoor blanket than explain the many benefits you’ll receive by getting out and using it?!

We hope these make an impact on you as much as they did us.

  1. Improve Your Short Term Memory!

We can’t make this stuff up! A group of colleagues from the University of Michigan released a study that proved spending time in nature can boost your short-term memory by 20 percent. 

(Mind=Blown) The participants that added a nature walk into their routine performed better at retaining timely information. COLLEGE STUDENTS: Hello! This is the breakthrough you’ve been looking for in your studies! Head to class with your backpack blanket on shoulder. That way, once your exam review is done, you can layout in the grass and reflect on your knowledge. Sounds like the best form of studying to me! 
College girl heading to class with her backpack blanket

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Your doctor will tell you this first-hand. If you want to reduce inflammation naturally, just go on a 15-minute walk! Hear it from an expert himself! "Studies show that people who are active have healthier joints for a longer time," says Tim Church, MD, Ph.D. "Physical activity is anti-inflammatory."

  1. Better Your Sleeping Patterns 

This one is for all the avid campers! When you become one with nature, your body starts to sync up with the sun. When the sun goes down, it tells your brain to start releasing melatonin (which is our sleep hormone) and before you know it, you’re sleeping patterns are one with nature. Make a cozy campsite, (you can’t forget your camp blanket) and get relaxed and back on track!

There ya have it, folks! There’s no excuse for not getting outside. It’s impressive and rewarding how much good can come from something so simple. We all have the tendency to take the great outdoors for granted. We encourage you to get your FREE share of health from outside! If you happen to need the world’s best and first outdoor blanket that is sandless, water-resistant, and heat-resistant, you can click this link and shop your style.

Sending you good vibes from Cali! #GetOutside 
Young couple hiking in Santa Monica with their camp blankets