BeachSheetz Turned Out To Be Something Way More Than We Expected

Have you ever planned out something to the fullest extent and then life happens and it’s suddenly much different than you had in mind? That’s how we feel about BeachSheetz.

The BeachSheetz Background

Prior to launching BeachSheetz, we were just a couple of close friends that saw a need in the outdoor goods and accessories industry. Being California residents, we spent a lot of quality time on the beach and in the community parks. We would always bring a big king-sized bed sheet to layout for all of us to share!

One day at the beach, we were putting the sheet down, per usual. All of us were helping to make sure it didn’t blow away or get completely covered in sand after just a few minutes. We would grab the nearest shoe or purse to plop on the four edges of the sheet so it’d remain somewhat “secured” in place.

It suddenly dawned on us. Why isn’t there a more efficient alternative blanket/towel for outdoors other than this? After some research, we discovered that beach blankets clearly existed, but there was nothing really out there that solved every outdoor problem that could occur. Wind, sand, size… the list goes on and on. That’s when we decided enough is enough. BeachSheetz was going to be the new outdoor blanket solution - for the beach, for the park, for anywhere!

But, let’s remember… it all started with one thought. A solution for the beach and now, it’s turned into the must-have for all outdoor adventures! Talk about bigger plans in store...

It’s more than just the best outdoor blanket… 

BeachSheetz was intended for the beach-goer to have a more practical beach experience but once we started our Kickstarter campaign, we realized this blanket was going to serve people during more adventures than just the beach. Once we launched, we quickly saw through customer reviews and hearing success stories, that BeachSheetz was the best, most practical outdoor accessory and any outdoorsmen could benefit from it. 

We also discovered something else. It’s not just about having the most practical product. It’s not just about being the best. 

What it’s really about is.... creating a space for quality time and making memories. 

It’s about getting outside.

It’s about enjoying time with one another and the outdoors. 

It’s about saving the worries for tomorrow and enjoying the moment!

That’s what BeachSheetz is doing for others and we are so overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement for all the new things in-store and the more good vibes BeachSheetz will continue to bring to the lives of others. Thank you for believing in our product and allowing us to make an impact on your memories. WE LOVE YOU!

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