Beach Day Must Haves: What's In Your Beach Bag?

There are certain items we all need in order to have the perfect, ideal beach day. Beach day must-haves are a real thing and the last thing you want is to forget an essential item that ruins your entire beach day vibe!

We’ve all been there; you get to the beach and all of a sudden that thought you had the minute you left the driveway where you said, “I think I forgot something but I don’t know what it is” finally clicks, and you remember. It was the sunscreen. You had it out on the counter and you told yourself to go back inside to grab it after filling the cooler with ice and you completely forgot, and now you can’t even begin to relax because you know your beach day will end with you leaving as a ripe, red tomato. We know. We’ve all been there. 

That’s why we’ve put together the easiest, most straight-forward list, so there’s NO WAY you can forget the beach day essentials ever again!

All you have to do is pack your beach bag the night before with these essential items. If you check off these five things, you could forget everything else and still have a killer, good-vibing beach day. ☀️😎

☑️ Sunscreen 

Obviously, this is a beach-goer’s worst nightmare. You. Can’t. Forget. The. Sunscreen. We don’t care how tan you are; you owe it to yourself to take care of your skin when enduring a full day in the sun!
Laying out sunscreen on the beachsheetz blanket

☑️ Water Bottle  

Whether it’s a Yeti or an Arctic, we don’t discriminate! All that matters to us is that you’re staying hydrated during a long day in direct sunlight. Snacks are important too, but we’re trying to keep this list as minimal as possible, so you have no excuse not to pack it! Let’s hope if snacks aren’t on your list of essential items, you’ve eaten a hearty brunch because you beach it. 🤙

☑️ Sunglasses

If there was a survey on the most commonly forgotten items for a beach day, this would probably be number one. Forgetting your shades is a real beach day bummer. Sunglasses are a beach day necessity not only because they protect a very important part of your body from the sun (your eyes), but you also won’t be able to people-watch in secret anymore. Dang! 
Two girls laying out at the beach on their beachsheetz beach towel

Don’t have the ideal sunglasses for your beach day shenanigans? Don’t fret; Look Good and Feel Good in the Sea Shades Collection! Sea Shades are the perfect beach day sunglasses, designed with bamboo and polarized REVO lenses, these sunglasses are safe and effective. The lenses happen to be scratch resistant, and each order includes a microfiber case, slip, and a towel to clean after a dip in the ocean. Available for men and women, these stylish shades can be the sunglasses that just stay in your beach bag all summer long! 

☑️ Speaker

A beach day without music is like a movie without popcorn; it just doesn’t feel right. You can try to redeem yourself by playing directly from your phone, but everyone knows this never works out well. You drain your battery, overheat your phone, and nobody can hear the dang beats anyway! Grab that portable speaker and be the most prepared beach-goer out of all your friends! If you want to go above and beyond, find a solid beach day jams playlist. You will really WOW them! 

☑️ Beach Blanket / Towel 

Last but not least, you can’t go to the beach without a blanket or towel of some sort. Lucky for you… this one is already covered, no matter what. That is… if you have BeachSheetz! You know, the backpack blanket?! BeachSheets is a 7-by-7-foot beach blanket that is the cherry on top of your ideal beach day essentials. All your friends could forget their towels and you’d have them covered with this large ripstop blanket!

Not to mention, it’s sand, water, and heat-resistant! What’s better than a sand-free blanket for the beach?! If you haven’t already enlightened yourself with this waterproof blanket, don’t wait another minute! Click here to shop yours!
Sandless Beach Blanket
Alright, dudes and dudettes. You’ve made it to the end. Thanks for sticking with us and we hope this beach bag list allows you to have the best beach experiences from here on out! With a little preparation and smart purchases, you’ll have all the good vibes to go around! Hang ten! 🏄