At-Home Workout that Actually Works | Fitness Video Inside!

How are those new years resolutions coming? Yeah, it’s the end of February and we just called you out on your workout goals!!! We know how easy it is to get behind on our expectations for a new year or fitness in general. That’s why we wanted to share an at-home workout that actually works! 

Finding the Time

I think the hardest part about incorporating fitness into our schedules is finding the time to get that workout in. After a long day’s work or a fun weekend, we’re not always in the right headspace to head to the gym. 

That’s exactly why we shared this Quick Fit Tip over on our IGTV! If you’re ready for the safe, practical, and quick workout - watch the video below or head over to our Instagram page! 

What You Should Always Include in Your At-Home Workout 

A big thing everyone forgets to do is to stretch and do a core circuit before a full workout. In this video, you’ll see how fitness trainer, Vizzy, incorporates his stretching as a core workout! This is efficient, safe, AND practical. Who doesn’t love to knock two things out at once? 

Next time you’re tight on time or you’re just tight after a long week of gym sessions, try this simple and straightforward Quick Fit Tip! You’re sure to less tense and perform better as you take on your next workout. Watch the video on our IGTV here. 

The Ulitmate Workout Blanket 

While we have you - check out BeachSheetsz for all your at-home workout activities! This seven-by-seven-foot blanket can be the comforting space you need to get the job done easily and efficiently. 

With waterproof materials, you can sweat all you want without having to dirty up your flooring or sticking to your typical yoga mat. This blanket can make your at-home workout that much more enjoyable- making it more and more easy to say, “yes! I am going to work out today.” 


Invest in your fitness by checking out BeachSheetz!