The world’s first 7x7ft durable beach blanket with an attached drawstring backpack, weighted corners, hideaway pockets, extra storage space and more.


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Introducing BeachSheetz

Why bring two, three, or four beach towels for you and the family to lay out on? Our beach sheet is large enough for the whole gang!

The corners are weighted and the attached drawstring backpack makes it easy to store and transport.

Plus, it’s water-resistant, heat-resistant, and sand-resistant.

Draw String Backpack

We’re the only brand in the world that offers a full sized, 7ft x 7ft outdoor sheet and also a convenient way to store and transport it. Our attached drawstring backpack is lightweight, easy to carry, convenient for bringing extra items with you wherever you take it, and stylish, all at the same time. You’ll find yourself taking it hiking, to the park, the beach, or wherever you want to improve your outdoor experience.

Secret Pockets for Valuables

There are a few items that you don’t want sitting out in the sun, like your phone, keys, wallet, etc. So that’s why we made secret hideaway pockets. When carrying the backpack on your back, the pocket is on the outside, making it easy to grab your stuff. When the sheet is laid out, the pocket is on the inside, hiding your items from the sun… and from creepy guys walking around looking to snatch your latest tech gadget.

Weighted Corners

You don’t have to compete in an MMA battle with mother nature and her black-belt wind forces so we made a few variations of the beach sheet. We added weighted bean bags in the corners. If you live in a windy area, you will absolutely love it! We also made a version that has open pockets where you can add your own weight, such as a scoop of sand. They also have grommets so that you can easily stake them in the ground. Mother nature is just no match, just don’t tell her we said that!

A new and better outdoor experience.

With thousands of happy customers, 5-Star Reviews, and a $150,000+ Kickstarter campaign, you know Beachsheetz is the real deal.

Beach, Please

The conveniently attached drawstring backpack allows you to stash your beach sheet in seconds, and we left plenty of extra room for additional items, such as sunscreen, toys, or a change of clothes.

Save The Sea Turtle Foundation

A portion of all of our profits goes towards saving and protecting marine wildlife. Join us in our fight to save our planet and wildlife through your purchase of a BeachSheetz or provide a direct donation to the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

We figured out all the things that are wrong with the typical beach experience: towels are too small, they blow around in the wind, they make a mess if they get wet and sandy, and the general hassle of carrying around a ton of stuff with you. So we decided to fix all of that for good….in one product!

Take It From Our Customers

“No wonder this product raised over 150 grand on Kickstarter. It’s a NO-BRAINER. It trumps a regular beach towel, and it’s perfect for any outdoor occasion, even just chilling in your yard with the family. It’s heat-resistant too, so you can leave it out all day and it doesn’t heat up. LOVE that about it. If you don’t have a BeachSheetz yet, you’re missing out!”

Jason P.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

“All I have to say is how come someone didn’t invent this sooner? After I found this I literally went online to find competitors and there was nothing like it. There are other “beach sheets” out there, but most are cheap, flimsy material, and none of them have an attached backpack with storage, hideaway pockets, and really cool color combos. It’s about time someone who appreciates the outdoors made something like this. We need more outdoor innovators like this!”

Kimmy S.

Virginia Beach, VA

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